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Our Plant, Central Pınarlı district of Antalya Province Antalya - Alanya highway, 300 meters to the north was established in 1992.

Total residential area 3349 m2. The two-storey facility, first floor, processing units, cold storages and social facilities (locker rooms-toilets), the second floor is the administrative department and social facilities (dining room) used.

Facility, "Seafood Processing and Evaluation Facility" attribut, and packaging of frozen and processed fishery products, and extend the shelf life through the hotels, restaurants, etc. collective consumption, principle areas of work each season to ensure clean-fresh produce.

Facility in our country's marine and fresh waters of the product obtained through fishing, as well as all kinds of water obtained by aquaculture fishery products are classified according to the nature and processed products from abroad. The processed products are HACCP and ISO 22000/2005 Quality Assurance System in compliance with the rules of hygiene and sanitation are communicated to consumers.

Our Mission

Fresh and frozen fishery products in the food industry in the field of the production and presentation of our company, customer requests and beklentitilerini in accordance with the standards and laws in accordance with the time and every time is to meet hygiene requirements.

Quality Policy

Based on continuous improvement activities conducted in South Fisheries ISO9001-2000 standards, complying with the terms of customer satisfaction and customer requirements and improve the quality policy as the first target to execute.

In this context, our goal is to achieve these goals and create goals for continuous improvement.

Provide the necessary resources to achieve the objectives and human resources to sustain continuous improvement of all management systems are the responsibility of educating. Committed to carrying out our activities in terms of customer focus and customer are the responsibility of all employees to ensure time and quality.